on June 26, 2021

Choosing the right marine surveyor is important. Remember, you have a stake in this too. As such, attending the survey is a must and you’ll learn a lot about your potential new boat. Know Where To Look When Choosing A Marine Surveyor The same way you wouldn’t hire a plumber to rewire your house; the same goes for surveyors. Choosing the right marine surveyor or a specialist is a matter of knowing where to look. […]


on June 19, 2021

Choosing the best boat Choosing the best boats for beginners, is where everyone starts. But one theme should be in your mind: keep it simple. This means different things to different people. It’s important that when choosing the best boat for beginners, a beginning boater doesn’t get in deeper than he is ready for. An example, say you start with a large boat. You will need to learn how to operate complex propulsion and electrical […]


on June 12, 2021

Anchoring your boat, seems simple right? I can’t tell you how many cases over the years arise from not anchoring your boat properly. Anchoring a boat is a basic skill that every boater needs to know. Understanding how to set the anchor and retrieve an anchor is critical—an anchor can hold your boat in place in a secluded cove for a few hours of swimming or an overnight stay. An anchor is also a piece of […]


on June 5, 2021

Anyone can catch some fish, and once you’ve got the catching part down, it is important to know that cooking that catch the right way can make it a great meal. BASIC WAYS FOR COOKING THAT CATCH Step 1: Draining the fish. The first step in cooking that catch is to eliminate any suffering for the fish and prevent spoilage of the meat. The fish must be bonked and drained as soon as possible after […]