on May 19, 2024

As early as the 15th Century, bells were used to sound the time onboard a ship. (Time, in those days, was kept with an hourglass). The bell was rung every half hour of the 4 hour watch. A 24 hour day was divided into six 4 hour watches, except the dog watch (16:00 – 20:00 hours) which could be divided into two 2 hour watches to allow for the taking of the evening meal. When the […]

Memorial Day Boating

on May 11, 2024

 Memorial Day boating activities in Florida, offer numerous exciting options: Silent Disco Party and Fire Spinning Panama City Beach Captiva Cruises Sanibel Island Cruise Line (Sanibel, FL) Riverside Tours Inc (Palmetto, FL) Morning Star Sailing Charters (Key Largo, FL) There is no shortage of activities this Memorial Day. Plan accordingly. It’s now time we welcome the summer of 2024 with joy. Discover Memorial Day 2024 Services near you and all the amazing events to make it […]

Florida Boating Issues

on May 5, 2024

Its May, and though the weather is warm, Florida Boating Issues can start to gleam their ugly head. When boating along the Florida coast in May, there are several common issues to be aware of. Let’s dive into them: Red Tide Red tide is a natural phenomenon caused by an overabundance of a microscopic algae species called Karenia brevis. It can lead to toxic blooms that affect marine life and water quality.In the past, Florida […]

Using a Marine Surveyor

on April 27, 2024

 Using a marine surveyor offers several advantages for shipowners, insurers, and the maritime industry as a whole. Benefits: Remember, marine surveyors play a vital role in maintaining the integrity, safety, and efficiency of maritime operations


on April 20, 2024

What type of mandatory education is required to boat in Florida? There are two types of education courses that may be required. The first type of course includes any NASBLA/State of Florida-approved boating safety education course. This course must be completed following the date of the violation which triggered the education requirement. Proof of completion must be filed with the FWC’s Boating and Waterways Section. The second type is the course for violators. This is a four-hour course that […]


on April 13, 2024

April 15 has become synonymous with Tax Day in the United States. But Why? The 16th Amendment affects Tax The Sixteenth Amendment granted Congress the authority to impose income taxes on all forms of income without regard for demographics and without apportionment among states. Prior to this amendment, most federal revenue came from tariffs, not direct taxes.The amendment aimed to address the direct tax dilemma related to Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. Background: In the late nineteenth century, various groups, including the Populist Party, advocated […]


on March 31, 2024

The Easter bunny is often considered a part of Easter because of the notable ability of bunnies to proliferate. However, there are roots back to the actual name of Easter. A goddess of fertility, Eostre, (who may have been one of the inspirations for the name Easter) is said to have been accompanied by a hare. Although many sources debate this connection. The tradition of the bunny was brought to the U.S. by German settlers […]

April Boating

on March 24, 2024

This is a fantastic time for April boating in Florida, with warm weather and plenty of opportunities to explore the waterways.  Here are some April boating options and events you might enjoy: Palm Coast Fishing and Boat Rental Why not visit a true destination for all. Enjoy true shallow water guided inshore and nearshore fishing charters for up to 3 anglers. Captain Chris Herrera will guide you to trophy fish like redfish, trout, and flounder. All […]


on March 17, 2024

Astronomically speaking, the equinox falls on March 19 or 20 every year, marking spring’s beginning in the Northern Hemisphere (whereas it announces fall’s arrival in the Southern Hemisphere). The equinox happens at the same moment worldwide, even if our clock times reflect a different time zone. The first day of spring this year is Tuesday, March 19. This falls on a Tuesday. Meteorologically speaking, in the Northern Hemisphere, the official spring season always begins on March 1 […]

Daylight Saving

on March 10, 2024

The Sunshine Protection Act, which aims to make Daylight Saving Time (DST) permanent, has been a topic of discussion in Florida and beyond. Here’s how it could impact the economy: Consumer Spending: Drawbacks However, it’s essential to consider potential drawbacks as well: