West Palm Beach Vessel Survey

Pleasure Craft, Commercial Craft & Maritime Expert Witness In West Palm Beach

Here at Scott Marine of Florida, we pride ourselves on being able to offer surveyor support for commercial and passenger vessels in West Palm Beach. We also serve as a maritime expert witness in West Palm Beach to help you with damage claims, surveys, and so much more.

Pleasure Craft:

Located along Florida’s Atlantic Ocean coast, West Palm Beach is perfect for year-round water fun. Many people travel to this beautiful location to enjoy the smooth beaches and enjoy life on the water. So if you are planning on taking part in all this fun-in-the-sun, and are planning on buying a boat in West Palm Beach, a vessel appraisal survey can be invaluable. Our West Palm Beach surveyors will assess the condition and value of a pleasure vessel and provide you with detailed documents to back up our findings.

Commercial Craft:

As with pleasure crafts, Scott Marine of West Palm Beach can provide complete evaluations on any commercial craft. We can evaluate a new or used vessel for purchase, assess any damage to a vessel and provide F & I inspections.

We also offer special survey options designed specifically for insurers and lenders. For example, if you presently insure or anticipate insuring a single vessel or a small fleet in West Palm Beach, determining the condition and value of those vessels is crucial. The mooring location, the intended use, and the qualifications of the captain and crew are all important when it comes to evaluating risk. Roy Scott Marine can help.

Maritime Expert Witness In West Palm Beach:

As a former U.S. Coast Guard Officer, I have extensive experience in Law Enforcement, Marine Inspection, and Investigations. I was also a Ship’s Officer aboard Coast Guard Cutters and Merchant vessels. This experience lends itself to providing detailed information for your cases from many different points of view. Being a non-lawyer member of the Maritime Law Association provides additional resources to assist you in litigation.

While serving as a maritime expert witness in West Palm Beach, I pride myself on being concise, complete, and confident in my position while testifying. I have been commended for my ability to use real-life examples to present complex theories to a jury in order to teach them about the process of how I come to my conclusions. I have been given significant feedback that this approach makes me very “believable” to juries.