on July 25, 2021

UNDERSTANDING THE TYPE OF MARINE SURVEY YOU NEED If you are considering buying a used boat buyer, you need to know what you are getting into. A Marine Survey does just that. At Scott Marine of Florida, we work to uncover any structural or mechanical aspects of the vessel that may lead to unforeseen costly repairs and safety risks. Pre- Purchase Survey: This is the most comprehensive survey inspection of a vessel. The purpose is […]


on July 20, 2021

Can anyone live on a boat? Yes, if you are of the right mind and as long as everyone else who lives with you really wants to live this lifestyle of living on a boat. A boat can be a viable alternative to any land based residence although the differences can be dramatic. Life aboard is not all glamour. They move. They’re close to neighbors. Boats offer less space than land based residences. Everyone who […]


on July 10, 2021

Clear Communications The need for hand signals for communication really took hold In 1922, when a teenager named Ralph Samuelson strapped a couple of pine boards to his feet and got a boat to drag him through the water. Welcome to the inventor of water skiing. The new sport grew quickly, with roughly a third of U.S. boaters going water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing during the course of a year. If you’re new to […]


on July 3, 2021

There’s no reason your dog can’t enjoy the water. Here’s four keys to boating with your dog. The first thing you should do before boating with your dog is to get him a canine life jacket. You can find doggie life jackets at most boating stores and pet shops. When you are buying a life jacket for your dog, make sure it fits. Even though most dogs can swim, high seas or fatigue can cause […]