on July 24, 2022

Why Nearly all boat capsizing can be assigned one of three causes. The most common is too much or poorly distributed weight. Small boats are much more susceptible to an extra person or two or a couple of heavy coolers aboard than larger boats. Older boats especially may have gained weight over the years as more gear is stored aboard. On boats with cockpit drains, an extra beefy friend or a second cooler might be […]


on July 18, 2022

As of this year, if any disposable (nonrechargeable) fire extinguisher has a date of manufacture stamped on the bottle older than 12 years, the extinguisher is now considered “expired,”. It needs to be removed from service, and replaced. UL Classifications The new regulation doesn’t change the type (U.S. Coast Guard-rated), quantity, or requirement for fire extinguishers aboard. It does specify the minimum Underwriters Laboratories (UL) classification of extinguishers to be carried aboard certain vessels, depending […]

Electronics Issues

on July 9, 2022

The first step in troubleshooting a piece of electronics gear or system is something you’ve hopefully done before the problem arises: read the owner’s manual.


on July 5, 2022

Its no fun when you get caught in fog. Avoid restricted-visibility situations altogether when possible. Monitor the weather and adjust your departure plans accordingly. If the forecast calls for a brief period of morning fog, enjoy that second cup of coffee and allow it to burn off before getting underway. If you do get caught up in fog, here are some tips. Tips For Reduced-Visibility Situations Ensure all navigation lights are on and working properly. […]