on November 26, 2023

There are several colors which are traditionally associated with Christmas. We know we see Red, Green and Gold. But why do we have them and what do the colors represent? Most the colors and their meanings come from the western/northern European traditions and customs, when Christmas is in the middle of winter and it’s dark and cold. Green Evergreen plants, like Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe have been used for thousands of years to decorate and […]

The Thanksgiving Bird

on November 20, 2023

Serving the Thanksgiving bird Every year, families cringe as the annual carve the turkey debate rages on. Carving, and serving, the perfect turkey Many Thanksgiving feasts have been spoiled when the golden brown turkey is hacked to pieces by an improperly trained carver. Whether you are looking to improve your technique, confirm that you are doing it right, or getting ready to pass the knife to Junior this year, here’s a quick look at the […]


on November 12, 2023

Thanksgiving History From fall feast to national holiday The first American Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621, to commemorate the harvest reaped by the Plymouth Colony after a harsh winter. In that year Governor William Bradford proclaimed a day of thanksgiving. The colonists celebrated it as a traditional English harvest feast, to which they invited the local Wampanoag Indians. A New National Holiday By the mid–1800s, many states observed a Thanksgiving holiday. Meanwhile, the poet and […]


on November 4, 2023

Election Day in the United States of America is the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. It can fall on or between November 2 and November 8. It is the day when popular ballots are held to select public officials. These include national, state and local government representatives at all levels up to the president. What Do People Do? On Election Day, citizens of the United States of America can vote by popular ballot […]