on May 16, 2021

If you own a boat, you worry about keeping it secure. Doesn’t matter what type of boat, you have some anxiety. New technology has made the options for keeping secure more numerous, easier to install and operate, and far more sophisticated. Those technology advances in cellular, satellite, and WiFi communications, have resulted in it being easier to stay connected with anything from virtually anywhere on Earth. Three Main Categories There are three main categories in […]


on May 8, 2021

Thinking about joining a boat club this summer? A great alternative when purchasing is not in reach. Boat club costs are significantly less than purchasing a boat. A boat club membership comes with perks like boating education classes, on-the-water training, insurance coverage, and/or social events. There are boat clubs near you, and near just about everyone these days. For anyone close to a popular waterway, its worth the investigation. In fact, there are hundreds of locations […]

Cinco de Mayo

on May 5, 2021

Cinco de Mayo, (Spanish: “Fifth of May”) commemorates the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. It started as a holiday celebrated in Mexico in honor of a military victory in 1862 over the French forces of Napoleon III. The US had its own Civil War going on in 1862, when the Battle of Puebla was fought. As a sign of solidarity, Southern California, celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Mexico to show support against against French […]


on April 27, 2021

Choose the Right Boat Grill The big trick to grilling on a boat is having the right kind of boat grill. Size of course matters, depending on the number of mouths you plan to feed, and durable construction is key for the marine environment. If you plan to do a lot of grilling, then the smart option might be to mount the grill to the boat for stability. Why take the chance of a rogue boat […]

Accessories for Your Dog while Aboard

on April 18, 2021

Dogs love to be aboard boats, and having yours on board with you, means bringing his accessories along for the ride too. Here’s a look at some of the best dog boat accessories. Life Jackets for Dogs Doggie life jackets should be the number one accessory. Luckily, there are a number of different brands that offer these types of specialty PFDs (personal floatation devices). Water Bowls Most dogs enjoy napping in the warm sunshine, but […]

What to do if you strike a submerged object

on April 11, 2021

For most boaters, the question is not if they will strike a submerged object, but when. The well-being and safety of you and your passengers is priority number one, while taking action to mitigate further damage to your vessel is priority number two. Here’s a game plan: 1.When you realize that you may have struck a submerged object, bring the vessel to dead slow or stop. 2. If you’re in danger — always assume that […]


on April 3, 2021

Boating is more affordable than you think. With an idea of the type of boat you want, narrow things down with practical considerations that fit your budget. A new boat has both factory freshness and a warranty; a used craft may need to be checked out, but allows you to stretch your budget. If you consider all of the weekend activities and vacation expenses a small family can incur throughout the year, boat ownership is […]


on March 27, 2021

So you are new to boating, and curious as to the meaning behind boat signals, here’s some nautical flags know-how. 1. Shapes and types are important. Nautical flags mostly take the forms of squares, though you’ll also see pendants, which are triangular with a flat tip. You’ll additionally see what’s called substitutes (alternately called repeaters), which are triangles. Since this is a “flags 101” article, we’ll focus on the squares and pendants. They’re the ones […]

Power Lines Hazard

on March 20, 2021

High-voltage power lines can present a hazard as they carry hundreds of thousands of volts across rivers and bays. Power lines that cross navigable waterways are marked on charts with their clearance listed. Usually from the height of mean high water (MHW), which is an average of several years of high tides information. If you encounter power lines which are near a bridge, the lowest clearances are required to be higher than the bridge. Never […]

Your Impact on The Environment

on March 13, 2021

Regardless of your choice of boat cleaner, you can determine the impact you have on the environment. Your usage has as much impact as the toxicity and bio degradability of the product itself. Factors such as how much you dilute a product, how much you use, and where you clean your boat, all contribute to the amount of product that ends up in the environment. Here are some tips to remember: Rinse and clean your […]