on July 31, 2019

It’s said that every minute you spend planning saves 10 minutes in execution. When a hurricane threatens, you’ll be glad your plan is ready to go. The first step in developing a preparation plan is to review your dock contract for language that may require you to take certain steps or to leave the marina when a hurricane threatens. Some marinas require boat owners to have and present a hurricane plan of their own. Ask […]


on July 24, 2019

STORM PREP A hurricane or other major storm brings four threats — wind, rain, waves, and surge — and you can improve your boat’s odds against all four by preparing early. Based on a great article by Tim Murphy We live in an age of unprecedented storm forecasting. In both the United States and Europe, ever more sophisticated computer models provide us with ever lengthier lead times to prepare our boats for the worst as […]


on July 10, 2019

OKAY, POSSIBLE RANT COMING…… I digress. All too often I see and experience an all too common lack of common decency and basic boating right of way. Heck, how about some common respect and manners. This article addresses it very well and keeps my blood pressure in check. How Close Is Too Close? By Carol Newman Cronin Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s the moral code, right? Maybe it’s […]


on July 3, 2019

SUMMER BOATING BASICS Okay, so now that Summer is here, and the holiday is rapidly approaching, the waters tend to get busy so let’s remember some basics of having a safe summer boating season. Below are some quick tips on boating responsibly in the great outdoors.  TRAVEL RESPONSIBLY Travel responsibly on designated waterways and launch your watercraft in designated areas. Travel only in areas open to your type of boat. Carry a Coast Guard approved […]