on March 26, 2022

A Mayday call is a cry for Emergency Assistance. As the boating season starts, a lot of mishaps can occur out on the water. But when lives are on the line – your boat is on fire or sinking rapidly with people on board or someone is in imminent danger of dying without immediate medical assistance – you want every available resource dispatched to your position. A Mayday call will bring that kind of help. […]


on March 21, 2022

The Origins of Spring Cleaning According to Wikipedia, spring cleaning refers to “the yearly act of cleaning a house, or boat from top to bottom which would take place in the first warm days of the year, typically in the spring.” It has been suggested that the origins of spring cleaning date back to the Iranian Norouz, the Persian new year which falls on the first day of spring. Iranians continue the practice of “khooneh […]


on March 12, 2022

Dock sinking represents a major part of all boat sinking every year. More than 80 percent of boats sink for two reasons: Cockpit drains Most dock sinking at the dock occurs while unattended. A common cause for this is when cockpit drains get clogged and the vessel takes on water from heavy rains or waves slapping over a low transom.  The added weight of this water lowers the vessel in the water until a through […]

Is Spring Fever Real?

on March 6, 2022

As light during the spring months increases, the body produces less melatonin, causing a lift in mood, a reduced desire to sleep and an increase in libido.