Generator Safety Tips

on August 29, 2021

For those affected by these wild storms, here are some generator safety tips to help you get by during and after the storm. Use proper care. One of the most important generator safety tips is the use of proper ventilation. Proper ventilation is critical when using a generator. It reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator’s engine exhaust. Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is a common, serious danger that can cause death if […]

Accountability of Boaters

on August 22, 2021

I get questions about the accountability of boaters all the time, and if there are penalties for non compliance. A boater is always accountable for their actions. Florida law requires that anyone convicted of 2 non-criminal boating safety infractions within a 12-month period must enroll in, attend and successfully complete any NASBLA/State of Florida-approved boater education course. (“Attend” means you must attend a classroom course or take the course on-line.) The course needs to be […]


on August 14, 2021

Face it, sooner or later you may be facing running out of fuel. Here are some tips to help you avoid running out of fuel. What Should I Do if I’m Running Out of Gas on My Boat? Stay calm, and take steps to secure the boat and your crew. Make sure everyone on board puts on a life jacket. Drop your anchor to maintain your current position. Call for assistance—that may be to a […]

Lightning Strikes While Boating

on August 8, 2021

Powerful, dangerous, highly unpredictable — all are common descriptions of lightning strikes while boating. A direct lightning strike while boating can result in ringing ears and a few roasted electronics; That is considered lucky. Unlucky is experiencing through-hulls blown out, a sunk boat or worse — possibly serious injury or death. Odds While, the odds of a lightning strike while boating are only about one out of 1,000 boats in any year, the dire consequences […]


on August 2, 2021

Eventually you will need to choose a repair yard. When the time has come, and you are choosing a repair yard, start by just looking around at it. A good repair yard is neat and orderly. You won’t find too many pieces of boats in every corner with no obvious organization. The tools being used should be rust free and should look like they are well maintained. Look, If the shop won’t invest in equipment […]