holidays on a boat

Thinking about spending the Holidays on the boat? Why not? The relatives are coming over anyway, make a memorable day!

Yes those relatives you can’t wait to hug; the friends who keep you laughing into the wee hours; and even the not so sober sister-in-law you do your best to make conversation with each year. You know the one, only willing to discuss the cashew nuts, giraffes, Covid and hot air balloons…

Holidays on the boat can be a small undertaking or a huge one, It can last for hours, days or even weeks. The good news for boaters is that for many landlubber relatives, simply spending time on a boat makes the occasion special—think about it, Thanksgiving dinner with a harbor view

You don’t even have to go crazy with decorating and cooking to leave a holiday impression.

You can leave a big impression with a some appetizers. Include some cheeses that you found at a waterfront shop you visited and serve it with some wine that you picked up at onshore.

Remember, being on a boat is special for you, imagine how your relatives and guests feel. The boat itself is an experience for most guests. Don’t go crazy with decorations; a few strings of lights, good for any holiday occasion, is all the dazzle you’ll need with the waterfront as your party backdrop.

Adjust Expectations for your holidays on the boat

Great meals can be prepared aboard but adjust your expectations. Boat ovens are small and cooking fuel like propane is limited. Baking a turkey aboard for hours will be hard. Propane ovens are also damp and nearly never hold a decent temperature so turning out crisp bread or temperamental items like soufflés or custards will be challenging.