If you own a boat, you worry about keeping it secure. Doesn’t matter what type of boat, you have some anxiety.

New technology has made the options for keeping secure more numerous, easier to install and operate, and far more sophisticated.

Those technology advances in cellular, satellite, and WiFi communications, have resulted in it being easier to stay connected with anything from virtually anywhere on Earth.

Three Main Categories

There are three main categories in keeping secure: security systems, remote monitoring systems, and remote monitor and control systems.

Security Systems

Most of these systems combine contact sensors, pressure sensors, or keyed ignitions. These are designed to trigger an audible alarm intended to scare off an intruder. Base versions may be cheap, and installation is usually simple.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring systems are similar to GPS tracking device. Usually with a “geofence” function, these let you determine an area the boat should always stay within. If the boat breaks this virtual fence, you instantly get alerted via email or text. This allows you to keep tabs on the boat’s location and movement on a digital chart or map.

Remote Monitor and Control Systems

Now these systems found in many new boats have remote monitoring and control already integrated into their very large boat-brains. They contain components and parts that are already self-aware.

Take this scenario:

Imagine your transmission starts running hot or a compressor develops a slow leak.

With these systems, the boat can diagnose the problem, and provide you with an alert . That results in you being informed and calmer. And hopefully having more cash in your pocket as you weren’t caught off guard or unprepared.


Advances in keeping secure are here today. There is something better available for everyone’s budget. Sure not all production boats can boast all the capabilities, there are a growing number that do.

There are many options available for keeping secure these days.

Weather you are about to step aboard your boat, or are sitting on your couch, go ahead and check on your boat.