Sunglasses with polarized lenses have been an important piece of navigation equipment since they came on the market 40 years ago. With polarized filtered lenses, side glare from windshields, water and shiny surfaces are eliminated.

In more recent years, popular thinking says blue-mirror sunglasses and gray-base lenses are best for offshore, and copper or amber-base lenses with green, gold or copper mirror are best inshore in brackish, brown or green water.

When ot comes to sunglasses, lens density is a critical choice if you can only own one pair. And for as much as $300 a pair, the trick is selecting the right one for most situations.

Frame style plays a big role in glare reduction. Light leaking in around the sides can cause lens flare, making glasses a liability in some cases. You’ll need to choose frames that wrap closely around your face, leaving as few gaps for light as possible.