Although a seemingly newer trend, video cameras on boats can provide many benefits for safety, navigation, equipment monitoring, and personal enjoyment.

There are many benefits to boats having video cameras, including:

Enhanced safety

Video cameras can help boat owners and crew members monitor the vessel, its surroundings, and any potential safety hazards. This can include monitoring for intruders, monitoring the weather conditions, or detecting any other issues that could arise while on the water.

Improved navigation:

Video cameras can also be used to help with navigation, allowing the crew to see any obstructions or other vessels in the area, and make more informed decisions about the boat’s path.

Better monitoring of equipment:

Video cameras are used to monitor the boat’s equipment. Engines, propellers, and other systems all can be helped. Cameras can help detect any issues before they become more serious problems. This allows for faster and more efficient repairs.

Recording memories:

Video cameras may also be used to capture memories. Boating trips, fishing, family events, are able to be relived experiences later on.