Choose the Right Boat Grill

The big trick to grilling on a boat is having the right kind of boat grill. Size of course matters, depending on the number of mouths you plan to feed, and durable construction is key for the marine environment.

If you plan to do a lot of grilling, then the smart option might be to mount the grill to the boat for stability. Why take the chance of a rogue boat wake or freak wind gust ruining the spread? Boat grill mounts are usually easy to install, and they will give you peace of mind as well as a more stable grilling platform for regular use.

Overall, though, the key things to remember are that grilling can be fun and is awesome, and that the right boat grill will augment just about any boating experience. Think about how—and how often—you plan to be grilling on the boat, and then set up your equipment accordingly for years’ worth of great onboard meals and don”t forget the grill accessories.